Find A Reputable Mold Removal Company In Long Island

So many people on Long Island have been affected by water damage from storms like hurricane Sandy. Being an island surrounded by water there is always going to be water, moisture and mold.

It is extremely important you understand how to deal with mold issues if they occur. Just because mold is not visible in your home or business does not mean that you are not infested or being exposed to mold spores in the air.

I always suggest hiring an experienced and certified mold remediation professional or mold inspector to assess any situation where you think you may have a mold issue. Water damage or leaks in the past can also be linked to these types of problems.

A Certified Mold Remediation Company On Long Island

Here are 5 things you should do to make sure the Long Island mold removal company is qualified to do the work. Many companies are not properly certified, licensed and following the right precautions.

  1. Ask to have their license number for the local city area
  2. Ask If they completed a mold remediation course and ask for proof
  3. Ask how long they have been in business and experienced in this field
  4. Go online and search for their reviews and testimonials. You should see positive feedback for the most part.
  5. Look up Better Business Bureau and make sure there is noting negative about the company reputation.

Many times your home owners insurance company will automatically recommend a service or company to use. You do not always have to go with that specific company but most likely if they are working with your insurance agent they must be properly licensed, certified and insured.

We have personally witnessed numerous times here on Long Island many floods, leaks from pipes, damaged roofs and snow along with moisture problems and unfortunately in these situations not every home is being properly cared for.

Using the right equipment and processes to assure mold is completely removed makes a huge difference. Many mold companies in Long Island also know by law they can not also be the same company that tests for mold in your home.

Meaning you must have a separate mold air quality test performed by a different company than the mold remediation one. Otherwise this is a conflict of interest and considered not ethical since many businesses took advantage of this situation in the past.

Understand this law and stay protected. We started the Fear Contractors only because of great people coming forward and putting up a fight for what is right. We also work with many reputable water damage restoration companies that fight hard for the local people as well and want what is right.

Not too many people are aware of these laws, certifications and know what to ask or look for in a reliable, trusted and honest service and that is how we formed together to better educate the community and make more people aware.

Storms have destroyed houses especially Sandy hitting in 2012. Many homes are still being lifted and rebuild down on the south shore. Many local home owners are still waiting for insurance pay outs and still dealing with FEMA.

How To Deal With Black Mold?

If you are just assuming you have black mold you might be completely wrong. Many people mistake mildew and stains for black mold. The only real way to know id with a professional inspection.

If you have asthma, babies or elderly in your home call an expert right away. You never want to be at risk of getting sick and allowing the mold to spread.

A professional understands how to properly remove black mold. A respirator, hazmat suit, gloves and advanced tools are just some of the things you will notice a remediation crew use. They try not to allow mold spores to make contact with them.

Safety is always an experts number one concern. They also really care about doing the job right the first time. That is why a process is in place.

Many times the visibility of mold can mean it is growing behind or beneath the first layer of flooring or sheetrock. These areas will be carefully ripped out and disposed. Those bare areas will then get sprayed and scrubbed with a solution such as mold control to help kill and remove further mold growth.

There are many home remedies but you are putting your home at risk by taking these steps because without a air test and professional inspection you will not know what your exposure levels are currently at compared to when the removal process is complete.

I always suggest getting an air quality test before and after the complete remediation process. This will allow you to know that you have successfully had the mold removed. No more guessing or assuming.

Final Thoughts

Before also purchasing a home make sure you have a thorough home inspection done. I always say to ask a mold remediation contractor if they know a good home inspector. Usually, the person they recommend is well versed when it comes to inspecting for mold or water damage.

Make sure you have all the basement, HVAC areas of a home along with the bathroom inspected well. These damp areas and places where moisture builds up are prone to having mold and it is like the main feeding ground.

Remember summertime when it is hot and humid this is the most common times we see an increase in mold calls. Bathrooms should be kept well ventilated and any basements use a dehumidifier.

If you ever face water damage make sure you have this cleaned up and repaired as soon as possible. When water damage is left this is a critical time when mold starts. The sooner you address this problem the better. Waiting will only make this process longer and more expensive.

Also never be afraid or hesitant to ask as many questions as you can when getting a service like this done. Feel free t o connect with us on social media and also reach out and ask questions over there as well. We are here to help and guide you.


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Besides that horrific storm that hit the south shore incredibly hard in 2012 the Island always faced water damage problems due to the seasons and being surrounded by water.

No body was prepared for the hurricane but most importantly we must take precautions now moving forward along with continuing to rebuild and rebuild with qualified, certified, licensed and experienced contractors on Long Island.

Many homes and buildings were seriously damaged by water and not everyone had proper restoration done. We are here to help make you aware of the mold abatement, removal and water damage restoration process that should be complete if you ever face these issues in your home or business and who you can trust to get the job done right.